At Fuse Fleet, we are leading the way in fleet risk management and digital claims solutions.

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At Fuse Fleet, we’re transforming risk management using predictive insights and cutting-edge digital end-to-end claims management.

With over 30 years of experience in motor fleets and risk advisory services, our dedicated team passionately delivers tailored, smarter insurance solutions crafted specifically for fleets.

Our mission? To revolutionise fleet risk management by using GPS data to incentivise good driver behaviour and deliver safer fleets and fairer premiums.

Experience quicker, more cost-efficient claims processing for your fleet with our innovative, fully digitally enabled end-to-end claims management solutions.

Fuse Fleet is part of the DKG Group, which is a leading Australian insurance group with over 50 years of industry experience. The Group comprises DKG Insurance Brokers, Fuse Fleet, Rentsure, CRI and Recoversure.

If you’re seeking a smarter, more connected approach to managing your fleet insurance, we’d love to chat with you today.

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