At Fuse Fleet, our goal is to build robust relationships with all stakeholders.
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The Fuse Fleet Partner Network is designed to provide our customers with invaluable connections to our well-established network of trusted partners.

If you’re seeking a telematics partner, driver training or other fleet services, simply hover over any of the companies listed below to learn more about them and access their website.

As each customer has unique requirements and expectations, we encourage you to conduct your own thorough review and research before making any decisions based on our Partner Network.

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EUCLIDIC SYSTEMS offers a complete solution for tracking on-road commercial vehicles and off-road mobile assets like bulldozers and tractors. Installed into vehicles, its devices stream telematic data to its cloud database and then run analytics to help it advise its clients on smart and cost-effective decisions in safety, fleet utilisation and insurance.

FLEET COMPLETE, with extensive industry experience and an exclusive Geotab partnership, is a top GPS fleet management provider in Australia. It offers tailored solutions for fleets of any size, backed by expert knowledge, local support and a track record of helping Australian businesses grow since 2003.

GEOSECURE is a leading Queensland-based provider of Geotab Telematics and transport technology solutions. It focuses on delivering advanced technology to provide innovative solutions that drive safety, efficiency and automation to fleet operators across all industry sectors, which allows it to operate as an extension of its clients’ businesses rather than following a traditional client-vendor model.

GEOTAB is a global leader in connected transportation solutions. It provides telematics to 40,000+ customers across 150 countries. With 20+ years of innovation, Geotab connects 3.5M+ vehicles, processing 55B+ data points daily, empowering clients to improve productivity, safety and sustainability.

LINXIO is a GPS tracking and fleet management software provider with an international presence that specialises in GPS based fleet, asset and team management solutions. It focuses on optimising vehicle fleets and workflows to help its customers reduce costs and increase revenue.

LBM FLEET brings automation and transparency to fleet operations. Its independent and all-in-one technology solution coupled with its expertise delivers high value fleet solutions. LBM Fleet focuses on solving the complex requirements of its clients across government and enterprise, delivering real tangible value and cost savings from day one.

MENTOR by eDriving is a digital app that helps fleet operators and owners improve driver behaviour and reduce the number of on road incidents. It uses smartphone sensors to collect and analyse essential driver behaviours most predictive of risk, including acceleration, braking, cornering, speeding and uniquely, phone distraction.

NETSTAR AUSTRALIA offers cutting-edge GPS tracking, asset management, fleet monitoring, and government compliance telematics solutions. With over a million global subscriptions and an Australian-based customer support, its team is dedicated to delivering reliable and innovative Telematics solutions to empower its clients to achieve their business objectives.

SENSIUM FLEET TELEMATICS provides comprehensive vehicle tracking and management solutions for businesses. With advanced hardware and software, it enables real-time monitoring of vehicle location, driver behaviour, fuel consumption and maintenance needs. Its telematics technology optimises fleet efficiency, enhances safety and improves overall operational effectiveness for businesses.

WEBFLEET is Bridgestone’s award-winning vehicle tracking, dashcam and job management technology, providing complete visibility over vehicle usage. Webfleet helps businesses reduce fuel costs, complete more jobs and improve operational efficiency, enabling you to protect your vehicles, your people and your business.


DRIVETEC’S purpose is to leverage fleet technology to enhance driver safety, fleet efficiency and sustainability. It offers independent advisory and consulting services specialising in telematics and in-vehicle dash and driver cameras. Its services include scoping, selection, delivery, enhancement and optimisation of fleet technology solutions.

PLUMFLEET is different from your standard fleet management company. Its choice to be different was right, as Plumfleet is now one of Australia’s leading providers of driver and fleet management software solutions. Its Plumtree system provides solutions covering grey fleet and driver management, pool vehicle management and e-learning driver training.

SAGE FLEET provides fleet management services for not for profits. It also provides consulting in fleet management and telematics for all businesses and government. Sage Fleet’s sole focus is on improving the cost effectiveness and safety of vehicles for its valued clients.