Improve Fleet Safety Using the Power of Telematics

At Fuse Fleet, we offer innovative, data driven telematics insurance. Our cutting edge solutions mean that your insurance premiums reflect your fleet’s operational patterns, using real time data and high value insights.

We provide telematics insurance premiums that are priced fairly and accurately, helping to prevent losses and boost your profits. The insights provided by our telematics team can give you the information you need to successfully improve safety and prevent accidents on the road.

We reward safe driving habits, with more affordable premiums for lower crash probability scores. It’s our mission to create a culture that prioritises safety for all fleet operators and reduces the risks they face on the roads.

Thanks to the latest AI technology, our customers have access to fair, data driven telematics insurance that ensures they’re only paying for what they need to. We cover both passenger and light commercial vehicles, with a minimum fleet of at least 20 vehicles.

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Insurance That Provides Valuable Safety Insights

At Fuse Fleet, we work with telematics partners to track your fleet and provide insight into relevant data trends that can be used to reinvent the way you drive.

Telematics is a way of monitoring a fleet, using a combination of GPS technology and on board diagnostics to provide information related to vehicle safety, driving habits and fuel consumption. This data is then processed and used to provide a crash probability score for your fleet. Although we have our own chosen telematic partners, we are also happy to work with your preferred telematic experts if you have your own.

Utilising data data provides many benefits and can be used to reduce the risk of crashing and prevent losses for your business. It also means that we can price your telematic insurance fairly, quoting you based on your crash probability score. Taking into account factors such as speed, heading, time and more, AI processes this information and sends it back to your management portal.

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Affordable Premiums with Accurately Priced Fleet Insurance

Using behaviour driven data fueled by the power of AI, Fuse Fleet provides customers with telematics insurance premiums that reflect their actual driving patterns. 

We provide quotes by requesting your fleet, claims and general insurance information from you and then collaborating with our telematics partners to convert all relevant data into your personalised crash probability score. 

A lower score is rewarded with a more affordable premium for your telematics insurance, and you can use the data we provide to transform your fleet’s driving habits and improve safety for your employees. Ultimately, this will enable you to enjoy more affordable insurance coverage for your business. 

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Your Dedicated Fleet Insurance Team

Our team has over 30 years of experience in motor fleets and risk advisory services. We are committed to providing Australians with smart, affordable telematics insurance that changes the way fleets operate on the roads.

By rewarding a high standard of safety and the constant improvement of workplace operations, we aim to start a revolution within the fleet industry and improve safety for everyone involved.

We provide 100% transparency on all aspects of your fleet’s safety and risk levels, giving you access to the information you need to make powerful changes.

If you’re looking for the very best in telematics insurance, contact the Fuse Fleet team today.

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