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Innovative pattern AI technology that converts GPS data into new crash probability insights.

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Dynamic behaviour- based insurance that rewards safe driving and enables accurate pricing of motor and car fleet insurance premiums

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Digital claims management solutions for better, faster and more cost efficient fleet insurance claims


Picture a realm where your car fleet insurance provider offers full clarity regarding your fleet’s safety and risk profile. Even more crucially, envision receiving fairer car insurance premiums for your fleet, all thanks to their integrated technology.

Welcome to Fuse Fleet. As one of Australia’s few motor fleet insurance providers offering connected insurance alongside comprehensive claims management solutions, we bring forth innovative services tailored explicitly for fleets.

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Leveraging pattern-based data analytics, we conduct thorough assessments of driving patterns to pinpoint risk factors and enhance the overall safety standards of your fleet.

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Using a data driven approach, we mitigate risk to establish a fairer and more precise approach to determining your motor fleet insurance premiums, safeguarding your enterprise and mitigating potential losses.

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With our fully digitalised end-to-end solutions, your fleet benefits from an expedited, streamlined and cost-efficient claims management process, alleviating the complexities associated with fleet insurance.

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Calling all brokers and telematics providers! If you’re keen on collaborating with us to revolutionise the world of motor insurance with enhanced safety and dynamism, we’re eager to connect with you. Partnering with Fuse offers a plethora of advantages for both you and your clientele, ranging from economical fleet insurance premiums to heightened risk assessment and real-time insights into driver behaviour.

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Attention brokers… If your focus lies in delivering outstanding fleet insurance solutions and an unparalleled customer journey, Fuse Fleet is the ideal partner for you. Allow us to equip you with the tools necessary to revolutionise your customers’ risk management practices and foster a fairer, safer and more dynamic approach to pricing behaviour-based car fleet insurance in Australia.

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Are you a trailblazing telematics provider seeking to enhance our customer experience? Look no further! Fuse Fleet is constantly seeking innovative telematics solutions to elevate our service offerings.

If you’re eager to join forces and empower customers to access equitable and dynamic behaviour-based motor fleet insurance, get in touch with us today.

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At Fuse Fleet, we harness the power of telematics data to dissect driving patterns, pinpoint risk elements and mitigate the likelihood of future accidents. Our data-driven approach enables us to accurately price car fleet insurance premiums, granting you the assurance that you’re paying the correct amount. Backed by a team of seasoned experts with over 30 years of industry experience, we’re always at your service, ensuring that fleet insurance car premiums remain fair, transparent and at the forefront of technological advancement.

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